“Guess who’s back”

The say I’m cocky, and I say “What?”
It ain’t braggin’, motherfucker, if you back it up

Dare and his boys hit the Confessional around eleven; after everyone who would be there had gotten there, and worked the crowd. As Samuel predicted, the Ex flew out of their hands. These fucks were like the hippies at Woodstock with all the free love they were paying for. Edward was there. Eden and Genja were there. Morose and Ciara. He didn’t check the VIP room but it seemed that the only people that weren’t there were Naomi, Ava, Sorrow, Anguish and their respective women. The latter few didn’t surprise him. Sorrow and Jenna were probably at home playing the Cleavers with a porn style twist. Anguish and Shay preferred the comfort of beer and pool at Neely’s. But Dare’s mind wasn’t on the people who weren’t there. It wasn’t even on the business at hand. He was thinking ahead to his upcoming meeting with Jimmy. He’d promised the fucker top dollar multiplied by the number of copies he had of Ava’s video and Jimmy was salivating at the thought of easy and unexpected cash to snort up his nose and blow on hookers. What he didn’t know was that Dare didn’t have any intention of giving him fuck all and was about to cut him off completely, sending him as far as Portland to chase his high.

Midnight found Dare, Rad and Samuel in the Black family graveyard across the street. Dare leaned against his Chevelle, smoking a cigarette with a bottle in his other hand. Music pumped from the speakers in his car. Music that was every bit as hard and angry as he was feeling. Samuel and Rad amused themselves shooting craps on the tarmac, passing a bottle back and forth between them amid expletives and insults as Dare looked on with a mildly amused expression.

Dare looked up and over as headlights washed over him, signaling Jimmy’s approach. “Time to play, boys,” he said to his companions. Samuel got up and looked over as Jimmy’s little beat to shit hatchback pulled up in front of Dare’s car. He didn’t know what was coming but he had a feeling it was going to be brutal. Walking around to the passenger side of the Chevelle, he pulled the video camera out of the back seat, keeping it concealed behind the car as he leaned against it. Dare pushed away from the vehicle and approached Jimmy while Rad cleaned up the dice and bottle and returned them to the car. Rad assumed his position in the space Dare had left, glanced over at Samuel who nodded and then looked back at the unfolding altercation.

Jimmy pushed his sweaty bulk out of a car that was entirely too small for him and lumbered toward Dare. Dare took a deep swig from the bottle in his hand then nodded to Jimmy. “You got what I want?” he asked. Jimmy nodded and pulled out a nondescript video tape. “You got something for me?” Jimmy replied. Dare smirked as he came to a stop in front of what was probably the lowest life form slithering through the Falls at the time. “You’re fucking right I do.” Dare lifted the bottle and slammed it against the side of Jimmy’s head, catching him completely off guard and driving him to his knees, crying out in pain as the glass and alcohol shattered over him. Dare crouched in front of him, snatching the tape and holding it under his nose. “This is it?” he shouted. “This is all you fucking bring me? I want them all.” Jimmy whimpered, flinching away from Dare and holding his hands up, palms out, in front of him, his face turned downward and his eyes squeezed shut. “That’s all I’ve got, man, I swear!” he whimpered. Dare whacked him on the head with the video. “Bullshit.” he said with conviction. Jimmy started blubbering. “I swear, man, it’s all I’ve got! That’s the original. I didn’t have time to make any more.”

Dare pushed himself to his feet and spit on the man cowering before him. He looked over at Samuel. “Check it out, man. The bitch is already cryin’. Get that shit on tape.” Samuel smiled cruelly and walked swiftly over to Dare and Jimmy, loading up the camera and walking around Jimmy, making sure he caught every pathetic and humiliating tear. When Jimmy tried to get to his feet, Dare pulled one of the new nines from behind his back and pressed the barrel to his temple. “Stay, motherfucker,” he growled. “On your motherfucking knees like the squealing little bitch you are.” Jimmy complied as much from fear as from his knees simply refusing to obey any other command. Dare leaned in and licked Jimmy’s earlobe causing a fresh bout of tears to flow from Jimmy’s eyes. “You know what we do to little faggots like you in prison, man? You don’t even have to be attractive. You just need to have a fucking hole. That’s right, motherfucker. Even a scumbag as hideous as you are can get fucked in prison.” Jimmy started sobbing in earnest, murmuring “please,” over and over again.

Dare smirked and straightened again, pressing the gun’s muzzle harder against Jimmy’s head. “You’re going to give me a list of every mother fucker you sold this fucking tape to and you’re going to do it now.” Jimmy shook his head, but he couldn’t escape the persistence of Dare’s gun. “There were only two, man.” Jimmy turned a pleading look in Dare’s direction. “I swear to god, that’s all I had time for. Lucien busted me and kicked me out before I could make more. It was a special request. And I needed the cash. I was desperate, man. So, I called a few people I thought would be interested but only had one taker who had the money.” Dare hit Jimmy in the side of the head with the butt of the gun and growled. “Who!?” Jimmy screamed outright and tried to make himself even smaller. “Sorrow, man. Sorrow requested it. The other guy I sold it to was Edward Beckham. The twisted fuck and his sister jumped all over it.”

Dare paused momentarily, caught off guard when Jimmy threw the name of one of his best friends at him. His anger renewed, he slammed the side of the gun against the side of Jimmy’s face, breaking teeth and splitting his lip. Blood erupted from Jimmy’s mouth. “That was fucking weeks ago. You’re telling me you didn’t make any more of these fucking videos at all and you expect me to believe that shit?” Dare yelled in his face. Jimmy was crying more earnestly than ever now, blood, snot and tears running down his face, mingling together and pouring onto his grease stained shirt. “I swear to god, man. I’m staying at Jack’s and all my video shit’s in storage. There’s no fucking room to set up.” Dare watched him, his anger seething though no casual observer would notice, and eventually decided the fucker was more than likely telling him the truth.

“How much did you make off my back, man?” Dare asked. Jimmy blinked and stared at Dare dumbfounded as the ramifications of Dare’s words crashed in on him. “Y-you?” Jimmy stammered. Dare smirked. “That’s right, bitch. Me. That was my bitch you sold, motherfucker. And you fucking knew it. That makes that money mine. So how fucking much, you piece of shit? And don’t make me ask again.” Jimmy blubbered some more as he realized fully and completely that he now owed the local drug dealer, “Fifteen hundred, man. Sorrow paid five. I doubled the price on the rich fucks.” Dare stared at him like he was high. “That’s fucking insulting, man.” Dare held up the tape again. “One of these tapes, “Destiny’s solo and private performance”, is worth at least two grand. Especially to the rich fucks. And you only charged his ass half that? No fucking wonder you got shit for bank, you sleazy, loser, cocksucking piece of shit.” Dare shook his head. “I’m gonna make you a deal, scumbag. I’m not gonna expect you to give me what you made off us.” Jimmy blinked and sighed a sigh of relief. Dare smirked again and looked him in the eye. “You’re gonna pay me what they’re worth. Which, if you were fucking paying attention in class, is $4,000.” Jimmy stared at Dare in disbelief. Dare shrugged. “Sorry, man. It’s business. The fucking supplier doesn’t cut you a break because you were stupid enough to sell way below wholesale. It’s all right, though. I’m not an unreasonable fuck most days, so I’m gonna cut you a break. You can pay in installments.”

Dare crouched in front of him again. “Might want to take your video equipment to the pawn shop in the morning. I’m gonna come by and see you twice a week until you fucking pay me off. And every time I have to come see you, I’m gonna take off one of your fingers. Every finger I take is $400. But before you get cocky, your fingers aren’t worth shit to me. Your fucking screams are. Your fucking humiliation is. And once you’ve paid me off, or you run out of fingers, we’re even. But I’m never selling your shit to you again. As of now, you’re blackballed. Not a fucker in this town is gonna give you shit. Now. Stand up and drop your fucking pants.”

Dare pushed himself to his feet and walked back toward his car where he stopped and turned to face Jimmy again. Jimmy remained on his knees and stared open mouthed at Dare trying to process what he was just told to do. Rad smirked. “I’d close my fucking mouth if I were you, man. Some of us haven’t had a decent blow job in weeks.” Jimmy blinked when Rad, who normally remained so quiet, threatened the use of his mouth and snapped his jaws shut. Dare nodded and looked at Jimmy again, lifting the nine and pointing it at his crotch. “Now.” he said forcefully. Jimmy staggered to his feet and dropped his pants, a fresh river of tears and snot streaming down his face. Dare stared blatantly at Jimmy’s package. “That’s all you’re packing, man? Christ. Where the fuck is it?” Rad snorted. “I think it’s trying to run away from us, man.” he interjected. Samuel laughed outright. “Are you kidding me? They get carried away at your circumcision or what?” Dare shook his head. “You know. I almost feel sorry for you.” He paused. “No. Actually I don’t.” Samuel kept rolling the tape as Dare raised his eyes to Jimmy’s and said quietly, “Now. Show us what you do when you’re alone with your videotapes, motherfucker. Your fucking life depends on it.”

Jimmy tried, blubbering like a baby the whole time, but he just couldn’t pull it off. But Dare was satisfied with that. His inability to perform under the circumstances was even better for what Dare had in mind anyway. After a few of the longest, most agonizing and unsexy minutes in the history of the male gender, Dare shook his head. “Christ. Put it away, asshole. You’re making me naseus.” Jimmy did as he was told while the boys ran commentary. “Shit. I could have pulled it off,” Samuel said. “And I wouldn’t even be cryin’ about it,” Rad added. Dare smirked. “Are you kidding me? I’d be fucking proud considering what I’m packin’.” The boys laughed and Dare turned his attention back to Jimmy as Samuel turned off the camera, pulled out the tape and walked over to Dare, handing it over to him. Dare held the tape up so Jimmy could see it. “I find out you’re lying to me, or another one of those fucking tapes surfaces, and this bitch will find itself dropped off anonymously on Rachel’s fucking doorstep. Are we clear?” Jimmy nodded, clearly defeated. “You won’t, I swear,” he said quietly looking at the ground. Dare nodded. “Good. Now get the fuck out of my face before I get nasty.”

Jimmy all but ran to his car and screeched out of the graveyard as fast as his little hatchback could carry him. Dare shook his head and looked back at Rand and Samuel. “Fucking pathetic, man. Let’s go get his finger tomorrow morning. Crack of god’s ass. Just so he knows we’re not playing.”

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