Poking Shadows

I’ve heard this life is overrated
But I hope that it gets better as we go

So, I finally got my books last week.  Beginning Luciferian Magick, The Bible of the Adversary and Adversarial Light; the Magick of the Nephilim by Michael W. Ford and Pillars of Tubal Cain by Nigel Jackson and Michael Howard, and finally, The Sun at Night by Roger Williamson.  I’ve only glanced through them, but Bible of the Adversary had some nice hymn type sections I really, really like.

Moved on to the restocking of my tools phase.  I ordered a nice Renaissance Dagger Athame.  Overall length is 12.5″ inches long. Blade is 7.75″ inches long and handle is 4.50″ inches long.  It’s pretty.  And traditional.  And I like traditional.


Pretty, yes?  I think so.  I like that it’s so plain and unassuming.  I saw a picture online of a similar one and, after having perused a couple of websites selling athames but not being able to find one I liked, just knew this was exactly what I wanted and what I’d be happy with.  So, there it is.

I also found a couple of veeeery nice goblets on gobletchalice.com.  Unfortunately, the one I have the greatest hard on for has been discontinued and the only way I can get it is to order it from a different site and pay $100 over the retail price of $300 for it.  It’s called the Chalice of the Last Judgment and commemorates the archangel Michael‘s war against Satan.  The other one I like is the Lord Byron Skull Goblet at $320.  But since I don’t see that happening.. do I?… runners up are the Seventh Son Goblet,  the Black Death Goblet, the Seven Sins Goblet,  and the Raamael Goblet which is the cheapest so far.  My favorite is the Lord Byron with Black Death coming in second.  Only the two most expensive goblets in the list.  I don’t see myself being able to buy one any time soon, but I figure if I can spend a couple of hundred on a single computer part, I can sure as shit spend it on something like this that I’ll keep forever.  I just have to find out if you can actually drink from them.   On the other hand, *way* cheaper than the $1800 plus of the Tibetan Skull cup I saw.

I’ve already got a nice altar.  It’s an antique buffet with cabinets *and* drawers and it’s a nice height and depth.  It’s pretty big, actually and on wheels but you can’t actually see the wheels because they’re hidden.  I’ll post a picture after I get it all together.

So, yes, that’s where I’m at.  Reading and gathering and reading some more.  Speaking of which.. I think I’ll get back to that now.

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