Tarot Cards

I just picked up the Dark Angels Tarot.  Next, I’m ordering Tarot of the Angels by the same company and The Vampire Tarot of the Eternal Night Kit.  I’ve
gotta say, the Dark Angels Tarot is *very* dark.  The more I look at
it, the heavier it weighs on me mentally.  It’s a really nice deck,
though, it kind of defies traditional reading.  I’ve always been the
type to read by memorization and logic.  This deck, I think, is going
to help me get out of that.  One thing, though, that this deck has done for me, so far, is helped me
to narrow my focus on my altar theme.  I’ve decided I’m sticking to
angelic symbology.  I’ve also decided I *am* going to invest in one of
the more expensive chalices I like so much.  So, anyway, at this point, I guess it’s safe to say I’m back to collecting Tarot decks again.

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