8th House Associations

8th House Associations through History ***
Manilius: Unfortunate. The abode of Typhon.
Others (classical): Death and its nature; trial; penalty; loss; weakness.
Firmicus: The kind of death. No planet other than the Moon rejoices in this house and then only in nocturnal charts. Debilitated and passive because it does not aspect the ascendant. Called ‘Gate of Hell’ (Epicataphora).
Al-Biruni: Death; murder, poison. Inheritance. Wife’s property. Expenditure; poverty.
Lilly: Death; wills; partner’s money. Fear and anguish of mind.
Modern: Income, taxes, legacies; shared feelings, sex, birth and death. Big business. Insurance. Crime.
*** The tables of house associations outline the classical attributions of the houses. Specific mention is made of Manilius, because he represents a very ancient understanding of house meanings, and also Firmucus who lived at the end of the classical period and hence represents a more refined approach to their meanings. Other associations dating to the classical period are included, most of which are taken from Neugebauer and Van-Hoesen’s Greek Horoscopes. By way of comparison, the list also includes the main associations of Al-Biruni (11th century Arabic), William Lilly (17th century), and some of the more common modern associations


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