I Believe

I believe that all gods exist because I believe that man creates gods.

I believe that  in the beginning there was Primordial Chaos and from that the universe in it’s patterned perfection emerged.

I believe in a single, androgynous original creative force.

I believe that magick works.

I believe that intent is everything and is that which shapes actions into good or evil.

I believe that energy can be directed and manipulated to affect change in accordance to the Will by anyone with the right discipline and practice.

I believe that we make our own reality but that there are limits to what we can control.

I believe that we have limitations and challenges imposed upon us by the choices and actions made by others.

I believe that there is a divine spark within each of us.

I believe that we each have an individual destiny to fulfill and that the choices we make or control we exert might change the path we take getting there, but doesn’t prevent us from learning that which we are destined to learn.  It might rearrange the time frame, but I don’t believe that we can circumvent the lessons.

I believe in cause and effect.

I believe that there are no accidents and that everything ultimately happens for the best.

I believe that everything happens to teach us something.

I believe in Twin Flames.

I believe that every little thing has meaning.

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