The Lament for Lucifer

Close my eyes to the sunlight
My Morning Star, my storm
Fold your wings in grace and take your leave of me
Taste my blessings as you go
We will not lie as one again
For my womb is a garden of rot
My heart is ashes
My tears are blood
Hunt well, my breath, and take with you
the bones of our children wrapped in palm leaves
Scatter them to the horizons and allay their cries
I shall tend a grave of deep water
And shall wash away or enemies
Bide well, my desert wind
Hold aloft your blade and oil it with tears
I shall be the owl upon the nightwind
The cat with silent paws
And the serpent at the heels of Caine
I shall be the seed of tears
but my eyes will be sand and silence
My heart shall be the desert and the sea
And my cry shall be the owl gone hunting
As the sun departs my sky
weep not my beloved
but hold me close in your distant chase
We shall be the thorns of ruined Eden
Forget me not
Sun to my Moon
Cry to my Silence

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