The Fallen

Daniel and Sebastian stood in the middle of the house and surveyed their new home. Daniel looked at Sebastian, his hands on his hips and his brow arched. “Is this better, then? Does it make you… happy?” he asked. Sebastian was full head taller than Daniel with long black hair and eyes the color of moonbeams. He had sharp, angular features, a strong Roman nose and a jaw to match. He looked older than Daniel, with his boyish features and unlined skin. Daniel had an innocent, even tempered look to him, more like a boy than a man, which Sebastian supposed was fine if you were into that kind of thing and especially so considering Daniel’s usual methods. But the boy wasn’t nearly as vulnerable as he seemed. Or as young. Sebastian’s brows were etched with thought lines giving him a more serious look. His brows were thicker and slightly less perfect than Daniel’s. All in all, Sebastian appeared to be the older and more experienced of the two. But appearances could be deceiving and no one knew that better then he did.

Sebastian smiled and it unsettled Daniel slightly. Not because he was afraid of his companion, but because it made Sebastian seem somewhat bestial, wolf like. “Better than that hotel room you were living in, yes,” Sebastian admitted, his voice deep but soft with a slight accent that bespoke of English nobility. And Sebastian was noble. Just not in any earthly terms. “You’ve been alone too long,” Sebastian continued. “You’ve forgotten your purpose.” Daniel watched Sebastian with his dark eyes, the gold in them glinting when the dim light from the hallway lamps fell on them. Sebastian moved toward the living room. “She is cute, though, so I can see where you might,” he added, smiling again. “Don’t even think about it,” Daniel said quietly. “She’s mine.” Sebastian nodded. “So noted.”

Daniel followed Sebastian through the house. They’d paid a tidy little sum in cash for it, but it wasn’t the four bedrooms they cared about, or all the little amenities. It was the location. The house was one of the smaller houses in Old Town, just a few blocks down from Founder’s Row. It appealed to Sebastian’s sense of entitlement. Not to mention his slightly dramatic flair. Daniel knew that it would only be a matter of time before the rumors and speculation began; two men, outsiders, living alone in a house that was too much house for any one person or even a couple. Especially since Daniel had previously made his home in one of the lesser hotels in the Commercial District. Sebastian would be amused by it, Daniel was sure. Sebastian was amused by a great many things. Particularly monkeys of the talking variety.

“It’s a putrid, disgusting little place,” Sebastian announced, stepping through the french doors and out onto the patio beyond. “It’s perfect.” Daniel shook his head, following Sebastian outside. “It’s more than that and you know it,” he said, his voice tinged with the slightest bit of irritation. He knew Sebastian was referring to the town as a whole, not just the house they were standing in. Sebastian nodded. “Oh, I know,” he conceded. “It shines like a black beacon in the darkness.” Daniel lit a cigarette and took a long drag, looking at the fog enshrouded back yard. “I prefer Istanbul,” he said. Sebastian looked at him and smiled again. “I know you do. All that bright, glittering gold towering over the filth and stink below. It reminds you of Pandemonium.” Daniel nodded, looked at Sebastian and smiled. “And our brother.”

Sebastian laughed and the sound was like church bells echoing inside Daniel’s skull; not altogether unpleasant or unfamiliar, and Daniel found himself relaxing somewhat. Sebastian took Daniel’s cigarette and took a drag watching the smoke dance in the near darkness in front of him. “So, tell me brother. Have you any dreams you’d like to sell?” Daniel smiled, taking his cigarette back and looked at Sebastian. “No, I don’t. But we’re going to Tramps tonight and you should be able to find plenty of your own there, Beast.” Daniel walked into the house leaving Sebastian to his own devices.

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