The Eighth House

In astrology the 8th House, ruled by Scorpio, is the house of death and rebirth.  We go through many deaths and rebirths during the course of our spiritual evolution.  I have experienced many such rebirths, but most recently have endured a Dark Night of the Soul that was so thorough in it’s devastation, it left me quite literally with nothing and no one.  In the aftermath of this, I found myself in a place where I had a completely clean slate physically, materially and spiritually. I left behind all my material belongings, leaving me with absolutely nothing, literally, but the clothes on my back.  I moved to a new state and city I’ve never before been to and I’ve released all the people that I once knew, associated with and was influenced by.  As a result, I am no longer encumbered by either the physical or intangible things that I believed were important but had been merely clutter.  I know now what is truly important to me.

The Eighth House is where I begin again.  This is where I start over and reinvent myself, so to speak.  This is the place where I am determined to methodically redefine my beliefs, my practices and to discover thusly the true nature of my Will.

Before the occurence of what has been the most painful, traumatizing and life altering upheaval of all that I knew before, I had become lost and floundering on a path that was no longer clear to me.  I had books that had lost their relevance as well as my interest, I had new interests emerging, and new paths to consider.  But I was unable to do any one thing efficiently as I was confused by the overload of information on occult and spirituality I had consumed.  I no longer believed in the things that my books taught, with the exception of a couple and I no longer had the energy or the focus that I needed to move forward.  I lost my faith and I lost my interest in all things spiritual.

My Dark Night lasted roughly a year and a half this time, but now my energy is renewed and my beliefs have quietly reformed themselves while I wasn’t paying attention.  So, here, in the Eighth House, I will put those beliefs down and I will follow the new path I find myself on.  Here I will clarify and systematize the beliefs and principles that survived, clung to me throughout my long stint of disbelief.

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